What We Do:

We gather.

Our Mission

We aim to be multiplications of unique expressions of God’s love.

Who Are We?

We are a community of people in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We are an organic church movement. We a group of creatives. We are children of a Living God.

Why Are we doing things differently?

We believe it is God’s goal for His body to manifest in different forms, each with unique with varying functions. The formation of the Gathering is in God’s hands as we co-labor with Him to do what He has called us to do. Our growth and community manifestation is organic in nature and Spirit led in fulfillment. The result is an ever changing Christ centered church & community with functions as unique and varying as the people who are gathered.

We believe that Jesus Christ died for us to offer him more than Sunday morning worship. We want at least 80% of the gathering participants to be active in community building. We want our children, friends and family to experience good community outside of a church building.


We don’t have a formula for how to do community. However we do have the Holy Spirit to guide us, Bibles to read and people to hang out with. Our gatherings often have any assortment of the following things: food, games, prayer, worship music, and story telling…etc.

When do we meet?

We currently meet throughout the week in our homes as family gatherings.

In addition to the small home gatherings, we meet in gatherings of larger numbers called “Family Unity Gatherings” at our community gathering place on Coffee Port Road in Brownsville, TX. In the future, we envision meeting at other venues as well, depending on the circumstance or leading of the Holy Spirit.

One consistent weekly gathering is always on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.