Burning Man Ministries

BURNING MAN MINISTRIES has followed the Holy Spirit for over a decade resulting in the formation of a Regional House of Prayer as well as a Native American ministry called “Four Feathers.” 

We are also Co-Coordinators of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network, Valley Region, with very close friends from Corpus Christi and Laredo. B.M.H.O.P. participates with the Border House of Prayer Network and other H.O.P. ministries as the Lord leads. We are aligned with Global Spheres, Rio Grande Valley, under the leadership of James & Jan Keller & Chuck Pierce, specifically through the P.U.S.H. prayer meeting that has occured once a week in McAllen, Texas for the last 7 plus years.


Our ministry functions always revolve around the Holy Spirit’s leading.  These meetings have been facilitated since 2006 and have resulted in well over 1500 hours of intercessory worship focused on the Region, State, Nation, Israel & different parts of the world.  We have also focused on life for the Unborn & for Righteousness & Justice to come to our land, etc.  These issues can truly come to pass only as the Body of Christ comes together in unity in pursuit of the benefits of heaven to manifest on earth.

Four Feathers Native American Outreach

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The official launching of this ministry began it’s work during a prayer initiative, September 27th through October 6th 2016.  This event occurred at the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days for year, 5777.

As most people are aware, the majority of Native American reservations are filled with devastated individuals, families and communities. Devastation originating from decades of abuse by a forming nation, anger and unforgiveness and depleted vision. This has resulted in alcoholism, drug abuse, family violence and crime. In 1975, Evangelist Billy Graham prophesied about a coming revival to the Native American peoples as God wakes up “a sleeping giant.” It is our firm belief that there will be an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the Native American’s land that will continue across the rest of the United States of America.  This will happen in God’s timing.

Patricia Keogh Wilhite & Gary Rollins Wilhite & D. Joyce Kitson are the directors of Four Feathers Outreach on Standing Rock Reservation in North and South Dakota. Patricia is a direct descendent of several Souix chiefs, including a Yankton, one of the first chiefs to travel to Washington D.C., to sign one of the first treaty’s with the U.S. Government. His name was “Mato Sabiceya” (Lakota for “Paints Himself Like a Bear”), referred to by the U.S. government as Chief Smutty Bear. Patricia has many relatives at Standing Rock, including many on the Indian Counsel and several working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Her grandfather and other relatives are buried at Fort Yates.

D. Joyce Kitson is a famous Native American artist who has been honored at the Smithsonian Institutes in London, England and Washington, D.C. She is full-blooded native American, half Souix and half Crow. Joyce is an fired up intercessor, evangelist and ordained minister.

The first objective of Four Feathers is to build an outdoor pavilion and training center on land by the river & in the hills, provided by the Standing Rock tribe. Utilizing a storefront at Ft. Yates, (home of the Standing Rock Indian Counsel) as well as the pavilion land (which includes RV hookups for incoming ministries), our first work is to facilitate training for the young and old. D. Joyce’ lifelong passion has been to pass on the traditional Native American art knowledge to younger generations. Both Patricia and D. Joyce have a prophetic call on their lives to bring Native American peoples to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and assist in discipling those in their care. Gary’s role is to facilitate and assist in the training of leaders and to support the ministry of D. Joyce, Patricia and other emerging Native American leaders.

Four Feathers purpose will begin to emerge as all the participants, including missionaries and financial partners, led by the Holy Spirit, come together with one mind, one heart and one vision, resulting in the manifestation of Jesus Christ and His kingdom in the lives of the people.

Rusty and Belinda.


Bethel Redding